Why Practical Web Design?

Do you need help to create or update your website?   You’ll find plenty of web designers offering to make your site sexy, stunning or gorgeous – but is that what you and your customers really need?

What your customers really want is a website that WORKS – one they can find easily, that’s fast to load and gives them all the information they need.

What you want is a website that looks great, doesn’t cost a fortune and is easy for you to maintain, without having to run back to your designer every time you want to update it.

That’s what I do – practical, economical web design.  Of course looks are important, but I also ensure that everything works behind the scenes and doesn’t cost you any more than necessary (I may even be able to build your site on a free platform (like this one!)).

I offer a fixed price so there are no nasty surprises.  I provide you with ongoing support until you’re confident managing your new site yourself.

Why not get in touch today for a no-obligation, mock-up design?